The Bonnie Jean (Haynes) Chandler
Digital Archive of Genealogical Information

My name is James Clinton Howell. I am the grandson of Bonnie Jean (Haynes) Chandler, who passed away in the late Spring of 2003. As a boy, I spent many hours sitting at her dining room table, listening to her narrate the contents of her genealogical research, fascinated by the froth of papers surrounding her computer desk. Before she died, I specifically requested that I be allowed to inherit her genealogical research; through her time and love, family history has come to mean very much to me.

In the interest of preserving her work, as well as making her research available to her companions in genealogical research across the Internet, I have set up this Angelfire web page as the first inception of the Bonnie Jean (Haynes) Chandler Digital Archive of Genealogical Information. The contents of the materials that I have inherited will be presented here.

In keeping this archive aligned with my grandmother's spirit, all of the information contained herein will be in the form of .txt documents. These transcriptions are presented in this form, so that their contents may be accessed from any model of computer, and any version of any computer operating system.

Once you have accessed a page of genealogical material that you would like to save to your computer hard drive, go to the FILE menu along the upper bar of your web browser and select the option titled SAVE AS. Select the location on your hard drive where you would like to save the file, and give your web browser the command to save the file. After having saved the document to your hard drive, you may open it for offline reading with any text-reading program on any computer.

To create a better sense of order to my grandmother's outwardly disorganized research, I am designating each volume of material by the code BJHC ARCHIVE #X.

(BJHC ARCHIVE #1) Richard PACE: A book compiled by my grandmother as a Christmas present to my siblings and myself, in 1999.
[Text]                [Adobe PDF]

(BJHC ARCHIVE #2) Haynes-Wesley Red Binder: The contents of a red three-ring binder, which contains many shorthand notes written by my grandmother, as well as other information.
[Text]                [Adobe PDF]

(BJHC ARCHIVE #3) Haynes Line Folder: The contents of a turquoise three-ring binder, which contains more detailed information on the lines and lives of the Haynes line. TRANSCRIPTION IN PROGRESS.

I may be contacted at the eMail address LOGOS_AWAKENING@DELTAHEADTRANSLATION.COM for any inquiries regarding the content of this web page.